Meena's Beauty Parlour


Take years off your skin and relieve yourself of stress with our range of Facials…
Never before has becoming the most beautiful version of yourself been so
straightforward and simple.

Shahnaz Gold Facial

Our Shahnaz Gold Facial is designed to refine and tighten your skin, leaving a youthful & attractive glow. Totally enriched with anti-oxidants, the gold content purifies and brightens the skin in an exceptional fashion. £45

Shahnaz Diamond Facial

Our Shahnaz Diamond Facial has the perfect blend of organic oils, proven to exfoliate the skin and body, increase moisture retention and powerfully hydrate skin, leaving you with the glowing and vibrant skin you dream of. £50

Shanaz Fruit Facial

The use of refreshing & rejuvenating fruits on your skin will leave promote a flawless even look on your face, creating a firmer and tighter look with smoother and softer skin. £40

Mini Facial

In just 25 minutes, you can take the first small step to getting the youthful & attractive glow, with our Mini facial, the easiest way to begin your journey to the new You. £20

Diamond Peel Dermabrasion

Our Diamond Peel Dermabrasion can revolutionize your skin, and create the stunning, exquisite glow you’ve been searching for. Using our abrasive diamond grains, you can rejuvenate your skin and body for the long term. £45

Skin Polish

Our Skin Polish, which is available for only £20, allows you to intensively rehydrate your skin and stimulate blood flow in the areas of your face, leaving you feeling fresh and revitalised with your all new glowing skin. £20