Meena's Beauty Parlour


Swedish Massage

Luxuriate in our delightful Swedish Massage, with full-body stroking, gliding, kneading and rubbing… you’ll get the golden opportunity to experience relaxation like never before. Our highly qualified team of massage specialists can offer the most delightful & refreshing Swedish massage experiences. £35

Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the enchanting bliss & harmony with our dazzling range of aromatherapeutic massages. Whether you desire deep relaxation, to ease muscle tension or clear out past remnants of a cold… our aromatherapists offer exclusive massages to alleviate each of these symptoms and more. £40

Hot stone massage

You’ll be enthralled by the harmonious inner peace and joy, with our Hot Stone massage. Our soothing, gratifying and emotionally engaging massage can take you to places of deep relaxation & satisfaction that you’ve never uncovered before, all served by experienced & professional specialists. £45


Enjoy the alluring and captivating fulfilment of our deluxe reflexology massages, making you feel totally new & re-vitalized after our rich massage service. Cleanse your own body of toxins and boost your immune system whilst enjoying a profound sense of relaxation & enchantment. £30

Indian Head Massage

Revive your own senses and balance your body’s energies with our joyful and deeply satisfying Indian Head Massage. Served by our team of seasoned & proficient staff… you will get the opportunity to delve deeply into the realms of inner peace & comfort, with our acupressure massage service. £25

Back & shoulders massage

Experience the joyful bliss & ecstasy of entering a paradisiacal affair with our luxurious back & shoulders massage. Made purposefully for your own satisfaction & contentment, our team will always go the extra mile to prioritise your own relaxation & pleasing sense of inner comfort is satisfied. £20