Meena's Beauty Parlour


Discover your new revolutionized and immaculate skin tone with our new Dermapen procedure. Taking just 90 minutes in length, you can leave feeling fresh and totally gorgeous after just one of our appointments.

Ever had acne on your skin? Or want to get rid of facial lines? Then our Dermapen procedure might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Our all-inclusive Dermapen procedure can rescue your dream skin after just two quick appointments with one of our experienced professionals.

Our team of specialists use high-performing and sterile needle cartridges, to ensure that your skin is heated with your complete comfort and safety in mind. Using our clinically tested and newly improved tools. Our micro-needling pins work almost magically to combat wrinkles, put an end to your acne, to bring out your true beauty.

You can rest assured knowing that our team of professionals will be in complete control of your beauty, to allow for almost immediate results for you to admire, transcending you into the most extravagantly gorgeous version of yourself.

You can attain beauty the easy way with our Dermapen appointments. The techniques and procedures of our professionals mean you can enjoy having your pores thoroughly cleansed without any of the hassle or worrying. Because we use circular Dermapen meddling procedures, becoming the most beautiful version of yourself has never been so incredibly simple for you.

The uncomplicated and straightforward way to even out your skin and attain an attractive glow. Our dermabrasion procedures are what allow you to finally overcome your acne, wrinkles and other skin problems.

1st Treatment £170

2nd Treatment £100