Meena's Beauty Parlour

Ear Piercing

Have you dreamed of having your ears pierced since you were a child? Then you’re in luck, we offer ear piercing services that place your priorities above all else.

Our safe and secure method of ear-piercing use reliable and trusted ear piercing systems, kept within sealed sterilized cartridges, they are kept completely secure until they are needed.

We understand that getting ears pierced can be an intimidating experience for you. And that’s why our staff go the extra mile to make sure your mind is completely at ease, meaning you can be totally assured that you are in safe hands when you choose our services.

Worried about allergic materials? All our piercings are made from premium hypoallergenic materials, meaning you are completely safe from any form of reaction, offering a gentle and seamless ear-piercing experience allowing you to focus exactly on what is most important to you, and that’s your own beauty and confidence.

Price from £8